Scallions Your Go-To Vegetable

When I think scallions, I think salsa. A little black bean, a little corn, a little fire-roasted tomatoes, and a little scallion… yum.  Keep them on the weekly grocery list!

But in summer, I find myself breaking out the scallion for more than just my tortilla chips.

Scallions are great grilled!

Scallions are great grilled!

Here are some reasons why scallions could be your go-to vegetable this summer:

  1. They’re inexpensive
    Less than a dollar a bunch, and a bunch goes a long way. Can’t beat that!
  2. They’re great grilled
    You can grill them whole, you can use them as a bed for fish or chicken, and they’re GREAT in marinades.
  3. They’re great sliced thin
    Add them to anything to get that onion flavor without having to fuss with a whole onion — a little bit goes a long way.
  4. They add color and texture
    Take a break from traditional onion for scallions, and you get great texture plus a perfect pop of color.  Try making pesto with scallions and fresh Basil.
  5. They blend well with everything
    Summer is a time for variety — chicken or fish, burgers or pork — and the flavor of scallions can compliment almost any dish.
  6. They keep well if stored correctly
    Trim the green ends, and if there are any pieces that look off color or too soft, pull those as well. Then rinse the white bulb end and store in the vegetable humid-drawer in your fridge. They should keep for up to a week!
  7. They’re great to use as a liner for buffet trays
    Picture an entire bunch, cleaned & trimmed, on a platter underneath glazed grilled chicken legs, drumsticks & thighs, or pork and beef tenderloin slices.  Try serving appetizers atop a bunch- the color, aroma & flavors will draw them in!

What are your favorite ways to use scallions?