There are a lot of choices in team building. I’ve seen first hand how effective team building cooking classes are!

I’ll never forget the team building we had to do a number of years ago for our Baltimore district of pharma reps.  Our group of 9 was given a pair of 6ft long very skinny snowshoe looking contraptions with a ball of heavy sail string.  The goal was to create a moving paddle and walk a ¼ mile strapped to it.  Mind you we had an odd number of people, young & old, heavy and light.  Challenging, yes.  Fun, ooooh yeah.  Did we bond over this task?  You betcha.

I think about that exercise a lot when describing the team building cooking classes we offer.

You can never go wrong with bonding over food, working together in the kitchen, and sharing a meal.  Everybody has their own unique method of creating a salad or even cooking pasta!

Some folks prefer to chop and prep, while others like the mixing and timing.  There’s always a few who like to be very creative too.  Once you put a mix of personalities and strengths together, you’ve got a full menu!  It’s gratifying to see a manager or executive working alongside an employee and watching them learn more about each other.

Similar to team building cooking classes,

the offerings through Skillpop, , bring complete strangers together.   In their cooking classes I conduct, we also work in teams.  These smaller groups of 4-5 unite to create pasta or a particular recipe.  By the end of the evening, participants have gained knowledge, a personal culinary coach & more importantly, new friends and acquaintances.

In the end no matter how varied the group is, the result is always delicious!

Team building cooking classes are held in the beautiful state of the art kitchen showroom at