“My philosophy is: Life is short—so eat, drink, cook, and share.”


As a Virginia Tech alum with a degree in Foods & Nutrition/Education, Chef Pamela’s culinary journey began early on.  She has been fortunate to use her varied work experiences to launch The Thyme Savor back in 2005 shortly after landing in Raleigh NC, where the climate & atmosphere is warmer all around.  After a 6 month stint as a personal chef, (which was too boring), Pam decided to incorporate her skills with catering and culinary instruction.  It’s been an amazing pilgrimage in the kitchen for Chef Pam.  She is also a professional recipe developer, has contributed to various publications and believes strongly in sharing her expertise.  The Thyme Savor is the result of Chef Pamela’s hard work and dedication to her passion, food.

Described as personable, creative, energetically focused, and patient, Pam is one Chef who shares to inspire.

Pam is also a big advocate/ambassador of DTR (Downtown Raleigh) and independent North Carolina restaurants; she adores restaurant adventures and scoping out new retail finds.

“I love Sundays, happy hour on the back deck, reading a magazine that is chock full of great entertaining or home décor ideas, and getting my hands in the dirt for the first time in early Spring. My favorite thing to make in the kitchen are meringues—the velvety aroma, the look, the pure white glossy silk batter… swoon!”

Pam and her husband at Kitchen off MLK in Chapel Hill.

Pam and her husband at Kitchen off MLK in Chapel Hill.