Did you know it takes approximately 10 lemons to get 1 cup of  juice?

Juicing lemons is not difficult.  With a tool or technique, it’s a breeze.  Don’t bother buying the bottled stuff.  There is a huge difference using fresh.  Lemon juice, when fresh, will brighten the flavor of any dish.  Whether you need a cup or a tablespoon a citrus juicer is always a handy gadget to have.  This one is our favorite after years of trying lots of varieties.  It does take some hand strength to use.

An even easier method is to cut lemons in half, microwave for 30 seconds on high power and watch the juices flow. There are always those who love to roll the lemon on a hard surface to warm it up before cutting in half to juice.  That works well too.


Strain out the seeds & pulp unless the recipe directs you otherwise.  I’ve got a terrific orange muffin recipe that calls for the whole orange thrown into the blender- peel, pith, seeds and all.   So, you just never know.


Be sure to read the recipe through before juicing- if it calls for lemon zest- do it before you cut them in half to squeeze!  There are several types of zesters & Microplanes to choose from- they work for all citrus but consider the size and recipe.  If you only need the zest for flavor and not show, use a finer blade , save the coarse zesters for garnish and color. This link may help: https://whatscookingamerica.net/Q-A/LemonZest.htm

Home Economics tip for today :  don’t throw out those leftover squeezed halves.  Put in a pot of water, bring to a simmer and appreciate a fresh lemon scent wafting through the house~

Happy in the Kitchen!