Who remembers this?

I still have and remember almost every page in this very first kids cookbook my sister & I worked through. What I remember most was being able to make something so easy that was creative fun in the kitchen. We were so proud of ourselves and couldn’t wait to eat it!  While this kids cookbook may appear outdated, the recipes were chosen by kids, all the basic concepts are here and presented in an easy format for children to follow.  Whatever it takes to get our kids cooking!

The Raggedy Ann Salad with a peach half for the body, celery arms & legs, cheese hair, raisin eyes & feet, all on a leaf of lettuce for her skirt.  Talk about a healthy salad!   And the cakes….oh my!  The anticipation of having a birthday or special occasion cake look just like the picture in the book was so exciting.


Why not pull out your copy or buy one to get those kids in the kitchen.  It’s a beautiful way to bond with a little person.   So much emotion goes into the process of cooking.  It can be therapeutic, allows one to be creative, builds self confidence, works on math & science skills for precision measuring, gives exposure to lots of different foods and can be an important stepping stone to understanding healthy eating and the body.  Your special someone will have a leg up on their friends on the first day of school after working through a few recipes this summer.

       That was then, this is now.

A circus party was so intriguing to me. You can see that this was a favorite recipe from the worn out page.  And yes, my sister & I did sport those bob haircuts.

The private cooking lessons I offer are intended for adult beginners and up.  However, there is a great kids cooking studio in town you’ll want to check out. https://www.flourpowerstudios.com/

Check for this cookbook in your local library or bookstores, major superstores and online.

What was the first recipe you made as a kid in the kitchen?