Here’s an easy DIY bulletin board created with insulation foam board & fabric.

All you need is a fabric to complement the room, a sheet of insulation foam board, staple gun and a few fun components for posting notes on this easy DIY bulletin board.  I used a combo of different ideas on Pinterest and googled: easy DIY bulletin board.  The price tag for a ready to hang cork bulletin board this size 30×48 is $52!  Mine was only $29 including the accessories.

A few necessities to pull it all together:

  • fabric- 1 yard (55″ wide)
  • insulation foam board 30×48
  • a staple gun
  • glue gun or super strong glue
  • a few nails
  • a hammer
  • any additional components for posting notes


When choosing foam board you’ll want at least 1/2″ thickness to hold a thumb tack securely.   I highly suggest going with a home improvement store variety.  Office stores carry presentation foam boards but they are only 1/8″ thick.  These insulation foam board sheets are quite large in size, generally  48″ wide x 96″ height.  Have the store cut it into 3 sections unless you have a huge vehicle to transport.  You can make three bulletin boards out of one sheet.   Or make one huge wall size!  Peel off the protective coating before you start.

Pink Insulation Foam Board


Let’s talk about the fabric

Any type of 55″ width home decor fabric can be used for this easy DIY bulletin board.  Think about a print or weave that won’t show all the push pin marks and also a color that won’t let the pink insulation foam board show through. Whatever you choose, it will give the  room personality.  I saw this burlap and immediately envisioned it as the bottom half of a wall under the chair rail for my office.  Once I temporarily put it up, it was too busy for the space.  Since my recipe development board has lost it’s vision and morphed into a catch all for all things business and household I thought… cool would this fabric look as the backdrop for my office board?


Burlap also comes in a variety of colors and other prints.  Head to a fabric store and your mind will wander with possibilities.  Sure, I could have bought a ready to go board but the fabric makes it more personal.  You will need 1 yard to cover a 30×48 foam board.




I intend to use the clothespins for categorizing publication recipes, food articles, upcoming team building menus & client invoices.  They were simple enough to create with a glue gun & a thumb tack on the back.  The drawer pull was a brilliant idea for holding wooden push pins.  Gotta love Hobby Lobby for these accessories.


This is how simple it is:

Place fabric print or right side down, then insulation foam board on top (if it has printing, keep that for the back side).  If the fabric has a pattern, be sure to pin the fabric onto the back of the board and flip over to double check for pattern placement.   Then fold over the side edges first, staple gun every few inches, then work on the corners.

Place board on top of fabric right side down leaving enough of an edge to fold over.

Fold side edges over first- pin in place, flip to make sure it’s how you want it to look.  Staple edges.




Tuck in the corners and press down for a neat finish.

Neatly fold over the corner piece, pull taut and staple in place for a clean finish.


Voila!  Told ya it was an easy DIY bulletin board.


Embellish the top & sides with upholstery tacks

For finishing touches, you can push in upholstery tacks on the top and sides.  These can be purchased in fabric stores.   Put these on before hanging.  The drawer handle makes a handy vessel for the wooden push pins.  Using a glue gun, stream some glue along the back edge and quickly place on fabric and hold for a minute until it adheres.  Put a few drops of glue on back of a tack and glue to the backs of clothespins, let dry.  Hang your new creation by nailing in several places directly to the wall.  Now you’re ready to post and get organized!


Happy in The Thyme Savor office!

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