Need to bring a spooky dish to the party?

I got ya covered!  Here are 5 quick and spooky ideas for your Halloween celebration.

Black Garlic Brie   

Not only is this creepy looking,  it’ll knock the costumes off the guests it is so scrumptious.  The only work involved is buying 3 ingredients & zesting an orange.

Top a round of Brie with 1 head of mashed black garlic, gently heat & dust with orange zest. Serve with cheddar cheese crackers.  You can find the black garlic at Savory Spice Shop

Black Bean Soup

Served in a hollowed pumpkin, this soup will surely appease any Dracula.  You’re already planning to hollow one pumpkin for the house, add another one to your list and make it a family affair.

Photo by Shaun Holloway on Unsplash

Buy 2 15-oz cans black bean soup, heat and add 1 t. cumin & 2c. chicken stock.   Hollow out a pumpkin, add hot soup and serve!

Halloween salsa

Bring to a party as a side dish or serve w black tortilla chips as a salsa

Dice 2 orange peppers, add a 15oz. can of black beans (drained & rinsed), 1 clove of garlic- minced, 1 t. cumin, squirt or two of fresh lime juice, 1T. chopped cilantro.

Butternut Squash Crostini

Serve these on a bed of dried black beans for serious spooky appeal!

Buy store-made crostini, chopped Butternut squash & 1 15oz. can black beans.  Drain & rinse black beans, set aside.   Boil, bake or saute the squash until it’s soft enough to mash.  Mix 8-oz cream cheese or mascarpone with 1-2t. of cumin, salt & 1 clove minced garlic; spread on crostini.  Top each with 2t. mashed Butternut squash, a few black beans & Italian flat leaf parsley garnish.

Lazy Bones Snacks

I saved the easiest and best for last.

Open a bag of cheese curls & black tortilla chips- throw in a bowl.  You’re done.


Photo by Stefan Ivanov on Unsplash

It’s ideas like these that I tend to share in every private cooking lesson & cooking classes.

Spooooooky in the Kitchen!