So many recipe choices, so little time.

Sometimes you just need a change up from the same old recipes you’ve been working with or you may want to explore a new ingredient.  Whatever your mission is, there are many resources at your fingertips.  When choosing new recipes,  I adore browsing and searching through cookbooks.  Although, it truly is more efficient to use the internet for a quick search.  The fact that you can type in 1 or more ingredients and have an immediate pop up list of recipes is fantastic.  However, there are a few pitfalls you may not be aware of when googling recipes.

Not all recipes are created equal, nor is each recipe edited.

This is something I always point out during private and team building cooking lessons.  The rule of thumb that has always given me a successful result is to narrow the search by skipping any recipes that have less than 4.5 stars or less than an 85% rating.

Pay attention to the reviews!  They can be extremely helpful for substituting or adding ingredients, altering the recipe cook time, serving ideas and more.  If you have the time, please write your own review to help the next person.  Pay it forward! 

Thirdly, read through the recipe before making it your final choice. Many recipes online are not edited.  Look closely at the list of ingredients, then the directions. Envision yourself doing the recipe step by step.  While doing so, you may discover that an ingredient is not listed but is discussed in the instructions.  It’s frustrating to get home after shopping for the ingredients and realize that you’re missing an important element because the recipe wasn’t written properly.  You may also find that a step in the recipe process may not be included in the directions or it may be difficult to follow.

Another tip to try:  type in bestever____.   A very dear friend always seems to pick up terrific keeper recipes using this.

Here are a few of my go to sites when searching the internet:

Cheers to finding more great recipes!