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Gingerbread: something for everybody

I'm not talkin Men or Houses.... I adore Gingerbread in desserts.  It's luscious when served warm & aromatic out of the oven, topped with cinnamon spiked whipped cream.  Simple & delish!  For a festive holiday brunch, serve gingerbread waffles or even pancakes!  A boxed mix batter will do- may want to thin it out with [...]

Let Me Teach You About Bread Pudding

When I hear the words bread pudding... I am reminded of the English frog in Beatrix Potter, Mr. Jeremy Fisher, who says on the way to dinner with his comrades, in a very snotty voice, " I do believe it will be a very good pud-ding." My introduction to this scrumptious recipe concept, was at [...]

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Spooky Apps

Need to bring a spooky dish to the party? I got ya covered!  Here are 5 quick and spooky ideas for your Halloween celebration. Black Garlic Brie    Not only is this creepy looking,  it'll knock the costumes off the guests it is so scrumptious.  The only work involved is buying 3 ingredients & zesting an [...]

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Eeezy Do-Ahead Chocolate Lava Cakes

Eeezy Do-Ahead Chocolate Lava Cakes Love these for simple entertaining!    Really, it's an easy three step process.  Bake the cakes & freeze up to a week in advance.  Then hollow, fill & chill 4-6 hours ahead.   Just before serving, reheat & add final toppings.  The icing on this cake is that you can do it [...]

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Back to School Dinner Dilemma

With the arrival of Fall .... I look forward to the end of sweltering heat & humidity, the beginning of football season & starting to spend more time in the kitchen developing more complex recipes with richer aromas.  Although, I am sad that sooner than later we'll have to don more layers for early morning [...]

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Bored with Zucchini & Summer Squash? Change It Up!

It's summer, which could mean you have more squash than you know what to do with. Here's some ideas to help you change it up! Steam it, hollow and stuff with a sauteed blend of the squash pulp, cooked ground meat & your favorite vegys, then bake. Make patties with shredded squash, egg, seasoning & [...]

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7 reasons to buy Scallions

Scallions Your Go-To Vegetable When I think scallions, I think salsa. A little black bean, a little corn, a little fire-roasted tomatoes, and a little scallion... yum.  Keep them on the weekly grocery list! But in summer, I find myself breaking out the scallion for more than just my tortilla chips. Scallions are great [...]

Don’t let the word NICOISE turn you away

NICOISE is the French term for a super simple salad of fresh tomatoes, olives & capers with canned tuna drizzled with olive oil. It sounds fancy, but it can be simple and good. Plus, I like to personalize it; I add green beans, red potatoes & a hard cooked egg. See how easy & healthy [...]

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