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Catering The Thyme Savor Raleigh, NCThe Food Experience
Enjoying good food with friends and family is not just about eating food. It's about the proper selection, preparation and presentation all an essential part of the food experience. Let Chef Pamela bring her extensive kitchen knowledge and creativity to your home for a private cooking lesson or party. Make it a celebratory event. Together, we will prepare great food and give you and your guests a unique dining experience! Click here to get a quote for your event!


Fresh Ingredients for The Thyme Savor Catering Raleigh, NCThe Freshest Ingredients
The Thyme Savor believes in serving the freshest seasonal foods that are available. Not only does she purchase NC seafood every other week, Pam seeks local, fresh produce at the farmers markets in town; “it feels good to support our local growers”. Consider a produce delivery right to your door step! Better yet, if you’re into gardening, a raised bed garden can produce all sorts of deliciousness and a sense of comfort knowing what’s in your food! Ask Chef Pam about how to grow & work with fresh herbs- she uses them exclusively for her cooking lessons. Ask Chef Pamabout where she’s teaching cooking classes now!

  The Thyme Savor Catering Gift Certificates Raleigh Gift certificates from The Thyme Savor are the perfect gift for anyone to give to anyone on any occasion! Gift certificates for private dinners, cooking lessons and cooking classes are available. Give the gift of food!
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